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Published: 17th July 2009
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If you are thinking about setting up your own hotspot you may quickly realize how complicated it is. The technology involves a couple of things. A radius server, captive portal solution, hotspot billing and ticketing module. Setting one up from the start requires a great deal of programming abilities, tech abilities time and patience. Luckily there's hotspot software available to help you with your undertaking.

The radius server and captive portal are the basic parts of the hotspot system. The radius server acts as an authentication and accounting device. In a hotspot application, it monitors and logs user access and time. A good radius software is Free Radius.

A Captive Portal is a device that works alongside your radius software. It's the gatekeeper to your net connection. It only permits access to the web once the radius server authenticates the user. The Captive Portal also has a listing of websites in which it permits access to before authentication. This is known as a walled garden.

Once your foundation is set, there are many other options to think about. A hotspot billing and ticket system is the very next step. There are a few solutions out there. Finding one that you can implement completely into your system isn't so simple. The software available can be extraordinarily expensive and highly challenging to setup.

The all in one hotspot solutions are extraordinarily fascinating. These software corporations provide all the tools you want. The issue is which one to use and what features do you want.

Are you wanting to supply a paid service, a free service, offer prepaid cards, offer adverts for access or offer it all. Each company offers this option or that option, but very few firms offer everything. Pricing is also a significant component. Some of these prices are outrageous and some are free. So what's the best?

After reviewing about 20 different firms. The company that offered the most options at the most affordable price is dHotSpot. They provide a actually free hosted hotspot software that includes one hotspot license and 50 monthly tickets. You can process more tickets or manage more hotspots if you upgrade. Upgrades are fair at $20 for each.

DHotSpot is a total Wifi Hotspot Billing & Ticketing System. Ticketing solutions include : Online Ticket buying with Paypal and other Merchant Gateways. Adverts for Access ticket system. ( Video, image, html ) Prepaid Tickets System. ( PDF & Excell ) it is a Hosted, Free Hotspot Software. ( No downloads or installation needed ).

Manage unlimited hotspots. Create and Print your own wifi prepaid cards. Customise your hotspot login page. Accept cards and online payments. Mulitple payment gateways ( visa cards, paypal etc ). Offer both free wifi or paid wifi options. View adverts for wireless net access. Advertise your own products. Monitor online sales stats. Hotspot management tools. Compatible internationally. No downloads or installation.

More Tools will be available.

It's all the software you need to set up and operate a paid or free hotspot service. A compatible wireless router and broadband Internet connection are needed.

Creating an online account is free.
There is no start up fees.
Take a look at it.

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